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Microinnova Engineering GmbH was founded in 2003 by Dr. Dirk Kirschneck shortly after his PhD thesis. Microinnova initially was specialized in the field of micro reactor technology and micro chemical engineering, but following global market demands we extended our core business to all available and suitable technologies for continuous chemical processing and process intensification (PI).

Over the last decade Microinnova strongly influenced and shaped the global market for industrial Flow Chemistry applications.


“Microinnova combines the knowledge of chemical synthesis with the competence in engineering and plant engineering”



Currently Microinnova´s Team consists of ~ 25 people including 13 university graduates.


Executive Management      

CEO : Dr. Dirk Kirschneck                                

CFO: Gerhard Zehetner                                

Head of Engineering Department: Ing. Christian Drexler                      

Head of Process Development Department: Dr. Günter Tekautz

Head of Marketing and Sales: Walter Linhart


Main Shareholders


Microinnova Engineering GmbH
Europapark 1
8412 Allerheiligen bei Wildon - AUSTRIA

T +43 3182 626 26-0

M office@microinnova.com

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