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Successful commissioning of the continuous crystallization filtering and drying pilot plant for the Sheffield University

At the beginning of October our Project Manager Walter Linhart visited our customer the Sheffield University in the UK. After the successfully completed factory acceptance test we put it successful into Operation.





Scale up of a solvent-free multi-step API Synthesis in continuous-flow 

Microinnova has been selected as industrial partner for the Project PICASCO. Prof. Dr. V. Hessel from TU Eindhoven won an ERC Proof of Concept Grant. The aim of PICASCO is the commercial proof of concept for a novel compact flow miniplant based on end-to-end manufacturing of multiple reaction steps in continuous-flow. This flow manufacturing approach enables a high specific productivity in solvent-free processing. We congratulate Prof.Dr. V. Hessel on his success and ambitious visions for industrial realization. 

published on 10.August. 2017 


We developed a continuous crystallisation plant for the Sheffield University

As a specialist in innovative process technology Microinnova Engineering develops customer-specific solutions. We have built a continuous crystallization plant for our customer, the Sheffield University. The University of Sheffield was founded in 1905 and is one of the world's most prestigious universities with approximately 25,500 students and 1200 scientific staff and has particularly good rankings especially in the Department of Chemistry. Quality and customer satisfaction are very important for us. We are proud to announce that we have successfully executed a continuous crystallisation plant factory acceptance test to the full satisfaction of our customer.

published on 11.July. 2017 


Microinnova at the Chemspec Europe 2017

Last week, our CEO, Dr. Kirschneck, gave an exciting presentation about continuous processes in the Chemspec Europe. Important aspects were the petrochemical industry and its transition to the continuous processing.The focus today is a complex application that allows the reduction of mass and heat transfer distances. The downstream processing as well as the formulation manufacture opens up a broad spectrum of new fields of continuous production. Economic strategies and three case studies were also pointed out. The first demonstrate the propoxylation reaction, the second an API production plant and the third a pilot plant for crystallization processes.

published on 06.June. 2017 


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