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Pilot and Production Plants

Our engineering team develops, designs and realizes continuous laboratory, pilot and manufacturing plants. Certainly we provide all necessary information, equipment and documentation considering all requirements regarding safety, usability, economic and/or ecological aspects and guidelines.


Integrated process intensification technologies improve the efficiency of the material turnover.”



Microinnova provides plants from laboratory scale through to pilot and manufacturing scale for continuous chemical processes (Flow Chemistry). Applying new technologies and obtaining increased process safety and reliability, through better overall reaction control at any stage of the reaction. Converting your complete production system from one moment to the next one is just one possibility, but a rather uncommon one. More often than not the smartest solution is going for changes, where changes are needed. Therefore different approaches are available:

  • Upgrade existing plants
  • Modify single production steps
  • Setup complete systems

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Turnkey Manufacturing Systems

Microinnova Engineering is your partner for your future production plant. According to the given process specifications and possible extra desires we will handle all working packages to the point of delivering the final (physical) turnkey plant to our customer sites worldwide. Without difficulties we will include on request CE, UL, ATEX and cGMP compliances and other process demands.


“The high degree of automation increases labour efficiency and reduces failures.”


Flow miniplant

Our Flow Miniplant bridges the gap between process development and bulk manufacturing. It impresses with a flexible modular plant design and results in multipurpose applications. Furthermore freely selecting the level of automation and the choice of materials (for parts in contact with media) add up to flexibility towards a broad variety of possible applications. Customers can also decide about the process windows and define all necessary requirements e.g. cGMP or ATEX-compliance.

The Flow Miniplant comes along in ready to use modular functional units (including software) for flow rates in the range of several tens of liters.

In many cases only minor changes are needed to operate lab and pilot phase developments on the same plant. Furthermore our Flow Miniplants are also applicable for small scale manufacturing.


  Example of a possible Flow Miniplant system



Benefits of the Flow Miniplant


  • Time and cost savings by significant shortening of the process development (pilot phase)
  • Ready to use modular functional units, only need to be combined
  • Simple adjustment to new processes
  • Easy operation also for less experienced persons with included software
  • Rapid change of the process conditions and fast feedback from the process
  • Plant is specially designed for customer needs (custom design)
  • Maximum flexibility by modular design


Different versions of our Flow Miniplant are available for the most basic version see the description below.


Flow Miniplant Basic (other operation conditions are easily possible)

Standard operating pressure: 0 to 20 bars

Standard operating temperature: -20°C to +200°C

Common wetted materials are stainless steel 316 / 316L / 316Ti, FFKM

Feel free to contact us for additional informations towards more sophisticated versions of our Flow Miniplant (extremer specifications, change of wetted materials etc.).


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