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Engineering Services

As system integrators we are independent of any supplier and/or technology during the selection of our plant equipment (e.g. reactor).

Our services will result in an optimal plant design based on our deep process understanding and the use of database-driven planning software guarantees high degree of planning quality. Without difficulties we will include on request CE, UL, ATEX and cGMP compliances and other process demands. Gaining insights and profound knowledge about investment costs, detailed planning and documentation is a fundamental step forward to your final turnkey plant.


“Talk to our engineers and explore profitable alternatives to common chemistry!”



List of Services


Getting an idea about your production scale plant and generating data about estimated plant costs will give valuable informations to rate your future manufacturing plant.


Determining URS, P&ID, equipment and many more will allow to fully understand your future manufacturing plant.


Finalizing all planning details, the 3D-design, specification and selection of all installation parts and finishing all required equipment specifications etc. are the final steps before realizing your plant.


  • Commissioning and Training

No matter if plant commissioning or operator training for your manufacturing plant is needed, we will be your guide.


Microinnova is realizing all activities to deliver your final production plant.



“Starting with a stand-alone Engineering Service, creating confidence and knowledge, committing to your final turnkey plant”





Where we are

Microinnova Engineering GmbH
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