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Process Development

Any fundamental change needs a solid base and even more does a complete process technology switchover. Starting with an initial feasibility work Microinnova Engineering prepares this solid basement and provides the essential framework for any further action. Afterwards following up with a complete process optimization we are able to provide our customers with insights about benefits of a possible technology change.


   “First steps in the right direction.” 




Feasibility Phase

Inside our flow lab scale plants we develop continuous experimental procedures with the principal object of showing a robust mode of operation and judging further process capability. According to our experience, customers knowledge and our findings during the feasibility phase we will adapt and upgrade the existing lab plant to determine existing critical process parameters. The evaluation of the process windows inside the continuous lab plant will lead to a much better process understanding.

We will investigate the given chemical (non-chemical) challenge and develop an experimental procedure to continuously perform the reaction inside our lab plants. According to the transferred knowledge from our customers and the findings during the feasibility phase (FP). If necessary or desired even a reselection of equipment is possible.


“A practical lab study evaluates the best strategy for processing and estimates performance potential.”



Optimization Phase

Any verified process still needs to be optimized dependent on the inherent characteristics. During the optimization we will determine the appropriate process windows and at the end will deliver a robust continuous process. Usually any optimization work is accompanied by a conceptual Engineering to allow insights from engineering perspective (including first plant cost estimations, user requirement specifcation and plant concept etc...). Due to the early cooperation of chemists and chemical engineers a better part of the development can be carried out at laboratory scale. Thereby experiments on pilot scale will be reduced to a minimum and our approach is leading to quicker and more cost efficient process development.



Microinnova is known as system integrator and applying the appropriate reactor technology for each unique process challenge is one of our core competences. Our Engineering and Process Development departments, in a combined effort, provide high end solutions to our customers. Even if we have plenty of technologies available in our labs, we still increase our competences and adapt our equipment dependent on market requests with each upcoming year.


Driving chemical reactions (and formulations etc. ) to the limits we are handling all kinds of different processes, with characteristics such as:

  • High exotherms
  • High reaction temperatures (up to 400 °C)
  • High viscosity (up to 100.000 cp)
  • Cryogenic reactions
  • High corrosivity (conc. HCl at high temp.; oleum at high temp.; conc. HF)
  • Highly reactive and/or toxic gaseous reagents (Cl2, propylenoxide, H2, CO,…)
  • Self-igniting reagents (in contact with O2)
  • Solids (up to 40%, as starting materials or during the reaction)
  • Photochemistry and many more


Whereupon it does not matter if the reactions are:

  • Liquid-liquid
  • Liquid-solid
  • Liquid-gas
  • Gas-catalytic



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