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Microinnova Approach

Microinnova Engineering is your companion for a successful continuous process with an end-to-end solution guiding you to your desired intensified process


Microinnova is your one-stop shop for continuous manufacturing. We provide a unique change for customers offering the whole development package or each phase individually. Our customers have all information at hand required for a successful business case study. We deliver data about process performance, an optimized continuous process and an estimate of investment costs. This profound data knowledge is the basis for making investment decisions and to order a turnkey manufacturing plant at Microinnova. Additionally, we also supply our customers with training courses and are able to include special process demands (e.g. CE, ATEX or cGMP-compliance).



The entire process design and development work until the final turnkey plant comprises of consecutive phases that enable a stepwise transfer of the existing process to a continuously realized process. A first plant sketch and cost estimation will be given after Phase I.


Phase I: Process design phase

Starting projects with an in-depth process evaluation, determining the benefits and drivers for the contemplated technology switch, offers you a valuable and holistic view of your process. While applying our cause-effect methodology we will determine bottlenecks, potential risks, obstacles and the first plant concept.

  • Theoretical Evaluation – Critical Process Parameters
  • Basic Lab Tests
  • PFD of production plant
  • Risk Assessment
  • Plant Cost Estimation


Phase II: Feasibility

Performing experiments on our individual continuous lab scale plants and testing equipment; we will safely guide any reasonable process through the feasibility phase and provide you with a window for critical process parameters and suitable equipment.

  • Chemical Feasibility – Continuous System
  • Technical Feasibility – Equipment Tests
  • Update PFD and Cost Estimation
  • Tests according to Risk Analysis of Process Design Phase
  • Proof of concept in continuous systems


Phase III: Optimization and Pilot Phase

Leading customers to the optimized and scaled up continuous process and giving a refined overview on estimated investment costs for a production plant to realize the schedule of your production plant.

  • Optimization on scalable equipment
  • Development of operation procedures
  • Confirmation of process performance
  • Long Term Trials (evaluating Stability, Fouling etc.)
  • Basic Engineering and Detailed Plant Price


Phase IV: Plant phase

Finalizing plant engineering, plant construction, plant delivery and plant commissioning will lead to your turnkey plant.

  • Detailed Engineering
  • 3D Plant Design
  • Plant Assembly - FAT
  • Commissioning - SAT


For more precise information, please see “Products and Services”.


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