Modular Plants Enable API Production in Europe

Export bans of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates by India and China, caused by the global COVID-19 crisis, have led many companies to consider bringing back their production to Europe. This can only be done with a cost-efficient technology approach. Universal engineering designs and intesified processes are a good base for this. Companies like Microinnova have 15 years of experience to apply in rapidly developing chemical processes for demanding reactions.

This competence of Microinnova enables a quicker response to a spontaneous demand of a specific molecule. As seen in the past, a considerable demand for specific APIs or intermediates can arise with short notice. The minimizing of development and production times are critical, especially in the case of the outbreak of a new disease. A new production process can be employed rapidly through already constructed or even pre-existing modules which are applied in new combinations. This aids in APIs and medical treatment being available sooner.

Microinnova has already technically specified and built multiple modular plants for various pharma companies. Aside from fast realization, economic advantages further facilitate the possibility to bringing back production of some intermediates and APIs from Asia to Europe. Based on a high level of research activities in the past, Microinnova is proud to offer effective solutions to many customers now.

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