Continuous Fluorination Reagent Generators – Cost-Competitive and Safe Transfer to Manufacturing Medium Level Manufacturing Infrastructures

Microinnova presents a new approach to execute fluorination reactions in a safe manner with conventional equipment on manufacturing scale. These processes can be realized by continuous fluorination reagent generators on manufacturing scale.

The focus will be high value applications. That means we are focusing on efficient and scalable fluorination solutions to provide easy-to-implement options in every factory. Having a wider portfolio of possibilities will allow to evaluate novel synthetic strategies by considering all the possible advantages of a late stage fluorination. The second important focus is to provide solutions which significantly simplify the safety risk management compared to a more common fluorine chemistry approach by replacing possibly hazardous processes with “in situ” reactivity. These processes can be realized by continuous fluorination units which provide the desired reagents on manufacturing scale. The on-site fluorination units can often be implemented in existing plant setups. The aim is to provide more options and to make hazardous chemistry safer, so that it can be transferred to medium level manufacturing infrastructures.. The approach is cost-efficiency oriented compared to the other commonly known techniques.

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