Great Collaboration with Oliver Kappe and the CCFlow & the RCPE Team

We have been working interactively on the development of chemical processes with the integration into engineering and plant aspects. We see the joint publication of bromine generators and photochemistry as a great success. Additionally, we are working together on the project SynthesisControl. A paradigm shift toward continuous flow processing enables a much higher process efficiency.
One important benefit of a continuous flow regime is the ease of implementation of process analytical technology (PAT) tools for real time monitoring of critical process parameters and quality attributes. Useful process information extracted from process data continuously obtained from the PAT monitoring of the reaction will be fed back to the controllers. Additionally, the reaction models will further improve during the manufacturing of the API as a “self-learning” type system. The control concept will be implemented and tested in a two-stage model (digital twin) reaction, processing a widespread API at laboratory scale, which can also be scaled to manufacturing. 

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