Capacity Boost by Batch-to-Conti Debottlenecking

Space economy is a typical issue for debottlenecking batch projects. Since a continuous approach reduces mass and heat transfer distances up to a factor of 100, these solutions can easily be integrated into an existing batch environment. A number of different strategies can reduce or replace batch processing times. For example, a batch processing step can be translated into a continuous plant skid. 

In some cases, the mixing operation or even the reaction itself can be executed while filling the reactor. Reagents, especially hazardous ones, can be synthesized in situ. Large savings can be achieved in the field of acid-base-reactions, since they are characterized by a strong heat release. These kinds of processes can reduce residence times from hours to minutes, since they are limited by the heat exchange which can easily be controlled in a continuous device. Mobility of skids enables a flexible use in connection with different plants. Optimizing mass and heat transfer is an important factor in reducing the costs per kilogram, leading to an increased competitiveness.

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