Modular Plants: Speed as the Key Success Factor for Chemical Businesses in the Future

We expect that speed and flexibility will be success factors for chemical businesses in the future. The example of Ryan Air illustrates the importance of focusing on value generation for the customers and how innovation in a business model can achieve it.

Modular plants offer the best processing solution giving both flexibility and speed; ownership may not be key in the future. To facilitate this, design modification between the modules and within the modules should be enabled with other aspects considered such as engineered spaces and access for maintenance and modifications. Module Type Package (MTP), a technology offered by Microinnova, enables a Plug-and-Play solution for processing plants (like USB for computers). It is important to also consider the changeover possibilities, physical movement and how the infrastructure is designed so that the equipment fits the process. Furthermore, we also supply plant virtualization where we engage in the pre-testing of process conditions using digital twins/model predictive control, documentation of modifications with an implemented as-built/modified documentation, PAT and pre-HAZOP scenarios. Moreover, we expect that some plants will consist mainly of pre-designed and pre-built package units in the future with a predicted 60-80% of the modules being pre-designed. An exception to this being specific reactors addressing a certain set of critical parameters that are designed bespoke for an individual process. A similar shift has been observed in the automotive industry, where cars are designed based on a platform concept. 

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