Intensification Boost for Enzymatic Liquid/Gas Processes by Means of Continuous Flow Processing


O2-dependent biotransformation reactions have proven difficult in fine chemical manufacturing due to the mass transfer limitations of supplying O2 to the enzymatic reaction, hence affecting the level of efficiency achieved. Previous research has shown that enzymatic processes involving gases have a high potential for process intensification by implementing continuous flow processing technology.


In a cooperation between acib and Microinnova Engineering GmbH, with more than 15 years of experience in flow chemistry it has been proven that process intensification can be applied using continuous flow processing. This technology offers a comprehensive solution with a pressurized system that results in a significantly higher level of dissolved oxygen. A continuous flow reactor pressurized to 34 bar enables biotransformation to be conducted in a single liquid phase and significant increase of enzymatic activity was detected already at 10 bar. For glucose oxidase, the intensification factor for enzyme activity was up to 2.5 and amino acid oxidase showed an intensification factor up to 6 for the enzyme activity. High product concentration has been demonstrated with the concentration being 6 to 10 times higher at 34 bars compared to atmospheric pressure. See also Bolivar J.M., Mannsberger A., Thomsen M.S, Tekautz G., Nidetzky B. (2019) Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 116(3), 503–514.

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