Microinnova Strengthens the Field of Digital Processing…

…by kicking off the Project “PharmComplete” using Digital Twin, Model-Predictive-Control and PAT strategies.

A shift towards more efficient and controlled processes is taking place in the pharmaceutical industry with process analytical technologies, continuous manufacturing and advanced process control strategies being central elements. While different suppliers make plug and play lines available, especially in the field of solid dosage manufacturing, the change to completely monitored and automated processes is being implemented only slowly. Process data is still mainly used for manual operation decisions and out-of-specification product is discharged. Model-based predictive control is rarely applied in an industrial environment. Labor-intensive quality control, variable product quality and inefficient utilization of resources is common.

PharmComplete’s goal is to develop a digital twin for an integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing line, from API synthesis to downstream processing. Process models will be developed for all unit operations or pre-existing models will be adapted to the specific conditions and materials. With a machine learning approach, a focus will be on model simplification for easier utilization in an industrial environment. The digital twin enables the execution of process simulation and control. Intelligent process control based on process information generated from real-time process data enables robust processing, reduction of waste and constant high product quality assured during the production campaign. RCPE with TU GrazUniversity of Grazevon GmbH and Microinnova Engineering GmbH are working closely together on building new routes for digital processing and Industry 4.0. 

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