Continuous Manufacturing Modular API Plant

CordenPharma Chenôve SAS has commissioned a continuously operating modular API and intermediates synthesis plant that they recently put into operation to realize the benefits of process intensification. It consists of two feed modules with two dosing lines each, and four dosing lines altogether. Two of those dosing lines are made of Hastelloy, one is made of stainless steel and the other dosing line is free of metal. Each dosing line is designed for a flow between 15 and 250 ml per minute at 20 bar.

Furthermore, there is one reaction module and a quench module, both of which can supply a maximum of 500 ml per minute at 20 bar. The four thermostats enable the use of different temperature levels in different stages of the process. The plant can operate with liquids, gases, and suspensions as feed streams, and it can be used with various continuous reactor technologies while operating automatically.

Our modular design provides smart process flexibility enabled by a standardized and uniform exchange of functionalities for multi-purpose processes and mobile installation in a smart manufacturing environment based on walk-in fume hoods. Achieving full customer satisfaction, Microinnova’s engineers are delighted to have been able to once again provide more flexibility and increased capacity to a valued client.

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