80 Flow Chemistries and Flow Processes, Part 2: Continuous Halogenation

Microinnova has performed different halogenation reactions in the lab and has gained significant experience. For example, halogenation of aromatic systems with elemental halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) or hydrohalogenation with hydro-halides has been carried out. “Flow process design and scale-up for safe and selective halogenation is a core competence of Microinnova.” says Dirk Kirschneck, Strategic Director of Microinnova.

Hydro-halogenations of double bonds and epoxides were realized with hydrogen-halides, as well as halo-exchange reactions. By mixing chloro-aliphatic and chloro-aromatic substances with HF-complexes, fluorinated products were obtained. Pressurized reactors operating at high temperatures were used for performing halo-exchange; continuously operating systems are one of the safest methods of manufacturing chemicals. For the safe handling of halogens at lab scale, chlorine and bromine generators were used to provide a steady supply of the toxic reagents. Highly reactive reagents such as sodium hypochlorite can be formed in-situ using flow technology and offer easier handling and storage. When combined with inline purification, they can be used consecutively as reagents for the desired chemistry. By providing stochiometric ratios of the reagents, high selectivity can be achieved e.g. for the selective oxidation of secondary alcohols in the presence of primary alcohols.

Photohalogenations, as well as oxidation reactions, were carried out with the supplied reagents. Such generators could also be realized at pilot and small production scale, in order to avoid storage of the toxic reagents. Such generator approaches could also be realized for even more dangerous substances such as halo-azides and halo-cyanides. Microinnova can assist and provide such generator systems.

Trials at pilot stage have been successfully performed with elemental fluorine and with elemental bromine in Corning reactor systems. In the future, both pilot trials may be realized at production scale.

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