Training Capabilities for Modular Plant Design in the Process Industries

As a speaker, Dr. Dirk Kirschneck would like to invite you to this training (in German) with the topic Modular Plants in the Process Industry. This topic will play an even more essential role in the future, as modular plants, among other advantages, facilitate a safer operation with more flexibility and faster “time-to-market”.

How does Microinnova implement the advantages of modular plant design?

Microinnova has been an established provider of modular plants for many years. Modular type plants are re-configurable production skids featuring plug-and-play functionality. They offer great flexibility for producing different chemicals by rearranging the modules. With unlimited possibilities, the plant systems offer great flexibility in terms of the chemistry and can be extended or rearranged later with additional modules to suit the chemical production route. Microinnova actively contributes to the development of modular standards.

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