Successful Delivery and Start-Up of Continuous Enzymatic Plant

Microinnova achieved a significant milestone in delivering a state-of-the-art continuous enzymatic flow reactor system as part of the EU-funded project, MacBeth (Membrane and Catalysis beyond Economic Hurdles). This cutting-edge system is tailored for enriching natural oils with Omega-3 using enzymatic catalysis. The demonstration plant is easily installable within a fume hood and consists of three jacketed fixed-bed reactors, a thermostat unit, and a control cabinet.

The heart of this innovation lies in the enzymatic flow reactor, facilitating enhanced and continuous enzymatic conversion at controlled temperatures. It precisely doses four inlet streams into the three reactors, optimizing efficiency. This design enables enzyme-based transesterification of fatty acids and can handle 2-5 L/h of highly viscous raw materials.

Microinnova’s commitment to advancing scientific boundaries is evident in our dedication to the MacBeth project. The system not only showcases technical excellence but also promises a more sustainable and economically feasible approach to enzymatic processes. This development marks a significant leap forward in sustainable methodologies for chemical transformations, offering a brighter and more environmentally friendly future for industrial applications.

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