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Continuous Flow Reaction Calorimetry: A Novel Tool For Industrial Flow Chemistry

An efficient and safe transfer of chemistry from the laboratory to the plant scale requires process understanding. This understanding is provided by reaction calorimetric studies, an industrial standard practiced for years and typically done in batch operation. With the emerging flow chemistry applications, this standard will be and needs to be extended with flow calorimetry,… Continue Reading →

Microinnova presents a new approach to execute fluorination reactions in a safe manner with conventional equipment on manufacturing scale.

80 Flow Chemistries and Flow Processes, Part 2: Continuous Halogenation

Microinnova has performed different halogenation reactions in the lab and has gained significant experience. For example, halogenation of aromatic systems with elemental halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) or hydrohalogenation with hydro-halides has been carried out. “Flow process design and scale-up for safe and selective halogenation is a core competence of Microinnova.” says Dirk Kirschneck, Strategic… Continue Reading →

Corden Pharma Chenove SAS has commissioned a continuously operating modular API & intermediates synthesis plant to realize the benefits of process intensification.

Continuous Manufacturing Modular API Plant

CordenPharma Chenôve SAS has commissioned a continuously operating modular API and intermediates synthesis plant that they recently put into operation to realize the benefits of process intensification. It consists of two feed modules with two dosing lines each, and four dosing lines altogether. Two of those dosing lines are made of Hastelloy, one is made… Continue Reading →

80 Flow Chemistries and Flow Processes, Part 1: Polymers

Based on nearly 20 years in the field of flow process design the team at Microinnova has executed more than 200 projects in flow chemistry. Different types of polymerization reactions have been executed including free-radical and ionic polymerizations, as well as polyester and oligomer synthesis. We address product quality and safety issues since these types… Continue Reading →

Digital Processing - Two engineers working on tablet in front of continuous modular production plant

Microinnova Strengthens the Field of Digital Processing…

…by kicking off the Project “PharmComplete” using Digital Twin, Model-Predictive-Control and PAT strategies. A shift towards more efficient and controlled processes is taking place in the pharmaceutical industry with process analytical technologies, continuous manufacturing and advanced process control strategies being central elements. While different suppliers make plug and play lines available, especially in the field… Continue Reading →


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