Case Studies: Flow Chemistry Plants

Continuous Pilot & Manufacturing Plants

See how we helped various clients to manufacture using flow technology.

Flow Chemistry

Debottlenecking of Chemical Processes

Optimizing production by replacing batch processes with continuous steps.

Flow Chemistry

Process Development & Plant Concept

Learn how we developed and improved chemical processes using flow chemistry technology.

Second Generation API

Second Generation API

Continuous manufacturing offers an interesting toolbox for the process intensification of API manufacturing processes.

Flow Chemistry - In this study Microinnova presents how in situ generated bromine can be used for a photochemical application.

Hazardous Reagents on Demand

Improving safety by generating hazardous substances in-situ for immediate consumption.

Flow Chemistry - Process intensification can be applied using continuous flow processing, as proven in a cooperation between Microinnova and acib.

Research & Process Development

Improving enzymatic oxidations by using flow chemistry technology.