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Board of Directors 


Vision of Microinnova 

Process Innovation through Passion and Talent


Mission of Microinnova


We design and realize efficient processes.


Strategy of Microinnova


Based on a deep process understanding, we use preferably continuous processing to design and realize better processes for our customers, attaining significant advantages in terms of process efficiency. Based on our environmental policy we contribute to higher resource efficiency, waste reduction, and safer processing by means of process intensification.


Core Values of Microinnova


Passion for Innovation

We focus on efficient processing by using innovative methods and technologies. A distinctive competence in science and engineering is the foundation of our success.


Sustainable and United Success

We aim for operating success with integrity and a sustainable business development. We make our customers successful. Respect, diversity, and inclusion are important fundamentals in our activities.


Great People

We attract and develop great people, who together strive towards challenging goals. Our people are encouraged to take initiative and push to continually improve.


Making Things Happen

We are agile and execute rapidly. We have a commitment to our customers, and we do our best to provide what we promise - meeting high expectations and timelines.  

Microinnova Engineering GmbH
Europapark 1
8412 Allerheiligen bei Wildon - AUSTRIA

T +43 3182 626 26-0

M office@microinnova.com

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