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Pressurized microreactors as practical embodiments of a general reaction-engineering concept for process intensification in enzymatic conversions requiring O2 as the co-substrate

Article written by MALENE S. THOMSEN, GÜNTER TEKAUTZ in the journal "Biotechnology and Bioengineering" (Vol. 116, Issue 3, pp. 503-514)

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Preliminary economic assessment of a polymer production plant in batch and continuous manufacturing

Article written by GERARDO DE LEON, CHRISTIAN DREXLER, DR. KIRSCHNECK in the Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today Magazine 

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Is flexible continuous manufacturing an oxymoron?

Article written by GERARDO DE LEON, WALTER LINHART, DR. KIRSCHNECK in the La Chemica e L'Industria Magazine (pp. 30 - 33)

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Industry 4.0 Delivers Significantly Increased Competitiveness

Interview from DR. KIRSCHNECK in the Speciality Chemicals Magazine (pp. 36 & 37)

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End-to-End Continuous Manufacturing: Chemical synthesis, workup and liquid formulation

Article written by DR. KIRSCHNECK, SIMONE M. PETEK

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