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Why should you intensify your process?

One of the biggest chemical companies worldwide evaluated how to reduce the costs per kg for chemical processes in general. The findings included two important factors. First and foremost, the development and realization of intensified processes and, secondly, re-using universal engineering designs  will significantly lower manufacturing costs.


Why should you use continuous processing?

On the one hand, it will increase your process capability by operating the critical process parameters in a much tighter window and, on the other hand, your process may be operated with a totally new strategy (novel process windows). Difficult or even impossible processing strategies for classical batch approaches may still be feasible for a continuous process.


Where is the gain in switching to a continuous process and using PI technology?

The possible answers are manifold, however, without room for improvement (no drivers apparent), a technology switch won't be viable. Possible drivers and benefits could be related to higher yields, higher selectivity, reduction of operation steps, increased labor efficiency, higher safety, increased development speed, energy savings and increased space-time-yield (see figure below).


Flow Chemistry Drivers 

List of Drivers


Nevertheless, all drivers are strongly related to each individual process (chemical and non-chemical) and the pre-set goals of a company's management.



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