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Process Capability & Tools

Identification of Critical Process Parameters (CPP)

Locating CPPs is fundamental for any subsequent process intensification. Our process development team uses our in-house developed MIC-Fish methodology (based on cause-effect analysis) for an in-depth process rating.


Critical Process Parameters

 Basic spiderweb diagram with six dimensions of influence


Microinnova classifies each process related to the before determined CPP and will choose the best intensification technology available to improve the existing process accordingly. This selection process will always be handled in close cooperation of our Engineering and Process Development teams to ensure an optimal outcome regarding technical and economic aspects.



Important approaches for process intensification include the reduction of the number of process steps, acceleration of heat and mass transfer, use of micro process engineering, supply of non-classical energy forms (microwave, ultrasound, …), utilisation of extruder - rotor stator - membrane - cascade systems, application of plug flow and new methods in metrology, process control and operation. (See figure below)


Process Intensification Tools

PI tools


Process Capability (six sigma approach)

Is the chosen technology capable of doing the expected job? In a significant number of cases batch vessels are not the best choice. Answering the following question for yourself will explain why. Do all the molecules experience the same temperature, residence time, concentration or do they not? Highly important tight control of critical parameters give a significant “push” in performance. In mechanical manufacturing it is clear to everyone that tolerances have a direct impact on the quality of a certain product. However, this way of thinking is not common in the process industry. Only very large scale processes, like oil refine or bulk chemicals, are optimized to a significant level.




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