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Manufacturing Success: Microinnova’s Case Studies

The benefits of smart continuous manufacturing and process intensification are much broader than previously expected. Through our trusted approach, Microinnova gives the chemistry what the chemistry needs by identifying the critical parameters for each process. By selecting the best technology via process intensification and the application of continuous flow technology, we enable one or more of the following advantages: higher yields, higher selectivity, reduction of operation steps, increased labor efficiency, higher safety, increased development speed, energy savings and more.

Chemical reactions which are tricky to handle, e.g. highly exothermic or toxic reactions become less of a threat and/or will be much easier to process in a robust and efficient manner. Also, mixing-sensitive reactions profit from a continuous approach and will perform much better than in a traditional batch process. Debottlenecking projects have demonstrated that continuous manufacturing could be effectively used to double capacity. In order to increase the visibility of the vast benefits of smart continuous manufacturing and process intensification, we have compiled a list of some of the plants we have designed and built for our customers. Even though processes are rather different, each solution generates a significant value for our customers. 


A list of some of the plants we have designed and built for our customers.

Economic Boost through Continuous Manufacturing and Process Intensification

Technical experience gained over many years has identified the two most important factors to reduce the cost per kg of productFirstly, having an intensified process andsecondly, having multi-use engineering designs. Therefore, Microinnova focuses on these two areas to deliver value. Debottlenecking projects have demonstrated that continuous manufacturing could be effectively used to double capacity. Whilst another project identified that even going solvent-free waa viable cost saving option. Liquid-gas reactions like oxidations (conventional or enzymatic) or hydrogenations can be intensified by a factor of 100 in batch-to-conti projects. Even formulation equipment for making injectables, pastes and creams could be reduced by a factor of 100. A technical director of a formulation company commented: "If we do not switch to continuous in the next 10 years, we will be dead”. Safety relevant applications like polymerizations, handling of hazardous chemistry or exothermic processes benefit enormously from continuous manufacturing by reducing reactor sizespropoxylation case study has verified, that exothermic reactions can be carried out in minutes instead of hours (intensification factor of 700). New chemistry like flash chemistry will enable transformations with short life-time reagents. Reagent generators will continuously synthesize toxic or unstable reagents in situ. Smart manufacturing will be the key to shortening time-to-market. Our #processintensification and #debottlenecking steps, as well as #smartmanufacturing are the keys to shortening time-to-market. Find out more about how we can help you in achieving more profitable processes through #continuousmanufacturing!

Machine Learning/AI in Flow Chemistry: Live Conference

Join us on February 24th at the live conference organized by TKS and sponsored by Microinnova! Find out more about tomorrow's processing technology approaches to enable more efficient processes today! Click here to register!

 Join us on Feb. 24th at the live conference organized by  @TKSpublisher  & sponsored by Microinnova! Find out more about tomorrow's processing technology approaches to enable more efficient processes today!  #processintensification #continuousmanufacturing


New Sales Office for the UK & Ireland

Federico Vidili is now heading our Sales activities for the UK and Ireland and will focus on enlarging our customer base in these two influential marketsHis activities will focus on providing our customers with superior engineering and processing strategies, as well as innovative plants to increase their efficiency and profits. He brings with him over 25 years of industrial experience in the manufacture of fine chemicals for pharma and life science applications. Welcome to the team, Federico! 

Click here to reach out to our sales team!Federico Vidili is now heading our Sales activities for the UK & Ireland! He will focus on providing our customers with superior #engineering & #processing strategies, as well as innovative plants to increase their efficiency and profits.

We are a Sponsor for the EFCE Award 2021 & 2023!

We are continuously improving our core competence Process Intensification. Part of our activities is to push for outstanding research in this field. Therefore, it is our pleasure to sponsor the best PhD in this fast-growing competence area.
Find out more about the award and how to apply here.

  We are a Sponsor for the EFCE Award 2021 & 2023!

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