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Continuous Manufacturing of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals using Smart Control Strategies in Modular Flexible Plant Systems

The flexibility of modular plant systems enables a quick time to market. The approach of continuous manufacturing makes a new level of process efficiency possible. A combination of both approaches enables a strong approach to the manufacturing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Smart manufacturing makes this combination particularly effective. The implementation of process analytical technology (PAT) tools for real time monitoring of critical process parameters (CPP) enables a higher level of control of the product's quality attributes. This changes the control strategy from a product-driven approach to process-driven approach, resulting in a higher product quality level. The overall concept is normally referred to as Quality by Design (QbD). Model predictive control (MPC) is one of the control strategies that pushes systems to a new level of quality and performance. The control concept will be implemented and tested in a two-stage model (digital twin) reaction on laboratory scale, which can also be scaled to large scale manufacturing volumes, thanks to a cooperation with our partners at the RCPEKnowledge-based process development and advanced control strategies will boost the processing industries to the next level of efficiency and performance. The new media transfer protocol (MTP) enables processing with modules from different vendors. Each module offers services to the centralized unit with its orchestration layer, where the different services can be combined into a new process. Automatic tuning of the critical process parameters during the chemical reaction, enabled by the control system, will enhance the robustness of the process, as well as the high process capability of continuous processes. The process-driven control strategy will anticipate system failures or deviations from the quality attributes and react before they cause quality deviations in the product.


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