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Pilot and Production Plants

Our engineering team develops, designs and realizes continuous laboratory, pilot and manufacturing plants. The plant, in most cases skid mounted, will be commissioned by our experts at the client's site. We provide all necessary information, equipment and documentation considering all requirements regarding safety, usability, economic and/or ecological aspects and guidelines.


Integrated process intensification technologies improve the efficiency of the material turnover.”


Process Intensification Technology


Microinnova provides plants from laboratory scale through to pilot and manufacturing scale for continuous chemical processes. Applying new technologies and obtaining increased process safety and reliability, through better overall process control at any stage of the reaction. Converting your complete production system from one moment to the next is just one possibility. Very often the smartest solution is going for changes, where changes are needed. Therefore, different approaches are available:

  • Upgrade existing plants
  • Modify single production steps
  • Setup complete systems

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Turnkey Manufacturing Systems

Microinnova Engineering is your partner for your future production plant. According to the given process specifications and possible extra requirements, we will handle all work packages to the point of delivering turnkey plants to our customer sites worldwide. Without difficulties, we will include on request CE, ATEX and cGMP compliances and other process demands.


“The high degree of automation increases labour efficiency and reduces failures.”


Modular plant systems for Continuous Manufacturing  

Modular plant systems for continuous manufacturing


Continuous Manufacturing Platform

… approved technology - extraordinary flexibility

Microinnova's continuous manufacturing platform combines flexibility and multipurpose applicability with high process performance. Standardized modules reduce investment costs and enable fast realization of manufacturing tasks up to 100 tons per year of product. Equipped with a unique plug and play automation system, setup changes are super-fast and do not require external support.


Standardized Modules

… why to reinvent the wheel

Standardized modules for main unit operations are the key for fast project realization by keeping investment costs low. Nevertheless, a combination with custom designed modules assures that the large diversity in process landscape can be covered.


List of actual standard modules:
  • Storage Module 
  • Dosing Module Gases
  • Gas/Liquid Separation Module
  • Dosing Module Liquids
  • Reactor Platform Module
  • Product Module


With the available standard modules, a wide range of liquid/liquid and liquid/gas processes can be performed. Special reaction applications, formulation tasks and downstream processing can be performed in custom-designed modules, which can be easily combined with the standard modules.


Plug and play control system

… be prepared for the future

The plug and play control system is one of the key features. It provides full manufacturing functionality, even for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. The system is future-proof, working with leading industrial control hardware supporting modular communication standards (OPC-UA, MTP-file).




Technical Specification at a glance

  • Liquid/Liquid and Liquid/Gas processes
  • Up to 100 tons per year of product
  • Standard temperature range: -20°C - +200°C
  • Standard maximum operating pressure: 20 barg
  • ATEX conformity
  • GMP conformity
  • High chemical resistance


Application examples with standard modules

  • Metalorganic Chemistry (Grignard, Organolithium...)
  • Cross Coupling reactions (Heck, Suzuki…)
  • Ethoxylation and Propoxylation
  • Witting Reaction
  • Alcylations
  • Hydrogenations
  • Nitrations
  • Halogenations
  • … and many more

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