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Case Studies


Microinnova Engineering has attracted a long and impressive list of customers over the last decade. We already successfully cooperated with 5 out of the TOP 10 Pharma companies and 3 out of the TOP 5 Generic companies worldwide. Furthermore, the largest crop protection generic company, the largest lab chemical manufacturer and the largest chemical company worldwide have chosen us as their partner.


“Microinnova is providing confidence for customers along the challenging road of innovation”


Selection of completed projects

Multipurpose production plant for continuous l/l and l/g reactions

Recently, a continuously operated plant with 4 functional modules was delivered to Evonik Industries in Germany. The plant incorporates advances in process performance and modular „plug-and-play“ technology. 

  • Modular design providing smart process flexibility for multipurpose application
  • Broad operation windows by integrated heat/cool tracing system
  • Extremely wide flow range for a large number of different gases
  • Plug & play automation concept acting responsively to exchange of modules


Continuous cryogenic API plant for a liquid solid reaction

The request of a pharma customer in the Middle East was to get a safe and cost effective solution for a difficult API synthesis step. Thus, our aim was to increase the economics of the process, as well as the safety level by means of continuous manufacturing.

  • Reaction: Continuous solid dosing into high corrosive liquid cryogenic conditions
  • Improved residence time from 7 hours to less than 15 minutes
  • Increased process safety
  • Lossless scale up with the same selectivity as in the lab
  • API plant capacity: a couple of tons per year
  • The plant consists of two feed modules and one complex reaction unit
Continuous crystallization plants

We have provided a client with our expertise in the field of continuous processing. After the successful site-acceptance tests, two continuous crystallization plants were handed over.

  • Highly automatic development system on pilot scale
  • Quick reconfiguration
  • Process and development data are brought together on one platform
  • Highly resistant material to enable a broad applicability
  • Online Analytics and PAT
  • Model Predictive Control
Plant redesign for a 2-step, ~3 tons per hour chemical process:

The request of a specialty chemical manufacturer was to double the production volume of a two-stage process, but the possibilities to a spatial extension were missing. This and two other problems were able to be solved with process intensification in one go!

  • Minimal intervention with maximum effect
  • Process simplified – first exothermic batch step switched to continuous
  • Production volume doubled
  • Cut-down energy costs
  • Investment costs were of about 1/10 of conventional plant costs
GMP-compliant plant for Lek d.d. (a Sandoz company):

This API producer had problems with an extremely difficult step in a batch process, which reduced the overall yield to a level below being economic. Since the upstream and downstream processes were efficient enough (with yields of about 80 %), the problem was solved with a partial renewal of the process. The mixing-sensitive step, almost unmanageable in batch mode, was replaced by a continuously operating mixing and reaction module by Microinnova.

  • Productivity of 200 l/h
  • GMP-compliant plant
  • Doubled yield compared to batch mode
  • Mixing-sensitive reaction not possible to be scaled in batch
  • Yield difference from lab trials to final production plant lower than 0.1%
  • From lab development to factory acceptance test and running plant in 7 month
Modular small scale production system:

Dosing of alcohol to maintain the reaction control of a highly safety-critical propoxylation reaction is a time-consuming effort, in which using our Flow Miniplant easily increased process safety and dramatically reduced the reaction times.

  • Reducing reaction times from 12 h to 1 min
  • Productivity of 20 kg /h
  • Fits inside a fume hood
  • Inherently safe
  • Robust process
Continuous process for a specialty chemical producer:

The objective of a specialty chemical producer was to lower costs for one certain production with as little investment as possible. The labour-intensive process with a 2-phase reaction was operated with four batch reactors in three shifts and a permanent workforce of two people. The possibilities for process optimization were already maxed out with no significant improvements. Only switching from batch to continuous flow processing was able to lead to a real breakthrough in cost reduction.

  • Increasing labor efficiency, -94 % of required manpower
  • Doubled yield (from 40 to 90%)
  • +50% increased production volume
  • Accelerated workflow
  • Higher automation level, errors eliminated – less risks


“Decisive break-through in cost cutting by switching to continuous process technology”


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