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Continuous Manufacturing in Chemistry

What is Continuous Manufacturing?

Allowing chemical reactions to be operated under new operation conditions, known as “Novel Process Windows”, continuous flow technology reduces reaction times down to a minimum by completely pushing reaction conditions to the possible limits (e.g. maximum reaction temperatures far above the boiling points of the used solvent). For instance, comparing reactions inside a batch reactor with 90% of conversion within 1-2 days, full conversion was easily reached within only 20 minutes in one of our continuous processes. We are glad to bring about the modernizing of pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing from batch to continuous production for our customers.


The Advantages of Flow Chemistry

Switching your traditional batch process to an intensified continuous process employing flow chemistry, will bring along plenty of benefits. Innovation via process intensification and the application of continuous flow technology likely allows for one or more of the following advantages: higher yields, higher selectivity, reduction of operation steps, increased labor efficiency, higher safety, increased development speed, energy savings and many more.

Chemical reactions which are tricky to handle, e.g. highly exothermic or toxic reactions will become less of a threat and/or will be much easier to process in a robust and efficient manner. Also, mixing-sensitive reactions profit from a continuous approach and will perform much better than in a traditional batch process. One possible solution is utilizing micro reactor technology, thus decreasing mass and heat transfer length (and also the reaction volume) down into the range of millimeters and centimeters (approximation). Enabling the contacting of all chemicals at once and removing the appearance of concentration gradients, clearly indicates the strength of this technology for mixing-sensitive reactions and the benefit of increased mass and heat transfer cannot be denied. 


Innovation is pointing towards continuous flow chemistry and leading to an improved global market position!

 Continuous Manufacturing in Chemistry



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