As a systems integrator, Microinnova offers engineering services as well as bespoke and modular plant systems. With the capability to provide a turnkey experience, we cover the supply and integration of core chemical production plants. Our services include:

Dedicated or Bespoke Plant Systems

These are specialized plant skids dedicated to a specific application or chemical process. The moveable skids can be used standalone or in combination with existing production facilities for process intensification or as part of a multistep synthesis.

“We fit the equipment to the needs of the chemistry, and not the other way around”

Christian Drexler, Director of Operations & Engineering

Modular Plant Systems

Modular type plants are re-configurable production skids featuring plug-and-play functionality. They offer great flexibility for producing different chemicals by rearranging the modules. With unlimited possibilities, the plant systems offer great flexibility in terms of the chemistry and can be extended or rearranged later with additional modules to suit the chemical production route. Microinnova actively contributes to the development of modular standards.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Skid Mounted Plants – Design & Build

Microinnova’s design approach for skid-mounted systems is comprised of an assembly of interconnected module-based units. Depending on the process needs of the plant skid, a variety of pre-engineered modules can be selected and combined with application-specific modules to deliver high process performance from the final turnkey plant system. This approach benefits our customers by reducing investment costs and enables a fast project realization.

Each module can be tailored to suit your technical or budgetary requirements.

When cGMP manufacturing is required, we support clients by assisting with the Design Qualification (DQ). A dedicated project engineer is assigned to support each client throughout the project, from the development until installation and support qualification at the customer site. Clear communication with the client on a regular basis supports the delivery of the project on time, on budget, and with full customer satisfaction.

Start-up, Qualification & Aftersales

Turnkey Skid-Mounted Plants: Start-up, Qualification & Aftersales

We support our customers over the entire life cycle of a plant including during the installation and commissioning. Before shipping, we complete the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and carry out the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) at the clients’ location.

We supply or support with the Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ), and Process Qualification (PQ) when cGMP manufacture is required.

Modular Automation & Design

Modular Plant Design

As a systems integrator, we continuously improve our product offerings with state-of-the-art equipment and can freely exchange our specified vendors to suit the technical and commercial requirements of the client. Special hardware for reaction applications, formulation tasks, and downstream processing can be integrated with custom-designed modules, allowing a seamless combination with other modules. Modification and extension of existing plants can be carried out easily due to the modular design approach.

Example Modules Include:

  • Dosing Modules (usually highly accurate and with low pulsation)
    • Gases
    • Liquids
    • Solids
  • Reactor Platform Module with various technologies
    • Static mixing reactors
    • Active mixing reactors (e.g., mechanically stirred technologies such as rotor stator, stirred columns)
    • Plate type reactors
    • Milli & micro reactors
    • Photoreactors
    • Fixed bed reactors
  • Continuous Down-stream Processing Modules
    • Gas/liquid separation
    • Liquid/liquid separation
    • Extraction
    • Crystallization
    • Filtration
    • Drying
Plant Skid - Modular Automation & Design

Compliance and Automation

Our skids are used by clients for process development, pilot production and production in cGMP environments with production sizes of up to 500 tons of product per year. Skid designs follow the cGMP guidelines to deliver our clients the latest standards. If required by the client, the skids can be designed for use in explosion-proof (ATEX) and hazardous locations.

Skid automation can be compliant with the cGMP electronic records requirements (21 CFR Part 11) and uses leading industrial control hardware that supports modular communication standards like OPC-UA or MTP (currently in the Beta testing phase). This enables the ability to extend and alter production lines as well as integration into other plant-wide control systems. The skids’ automation system supports Real-Time Release (RTR) by utilizing Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

PAT – Process Analytical Technology

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) presents a toolbox to control, design, and analyze the quality of the chemical production process to keep the product within specified limits. This toolbox is implemented in the Quality by Design (QbD) concept by measuring and controlling the Critical Process Parameters (CPP) to meet the required Critical Quality Attributes (CQA).

Production efficiency can be increased by using PAT tools for optimization, analysis, and control of the chemical production with advanced process control strategies such as Model Predictive Control (MPC). Process simulation can be carried out using technologies such as Digital Twin (DT).

Plant Skid - PAT – Process Analytical Technology

Reference: Final report for FFG project SynthesisControl, project number: 871458

Plant Debottlenecking

Debottlenecking is where the rate-limiting step is found in a production line and steps are taken to ameliorate them. At Microinnova, we are able to retrofit the infrastructure of batch production plants with continuous production equipment and increase productivity by eliminating rate-limiting steps.

By evaluating the limitations of production plants in terms of production capacity, bottlenecks of equipment can be avoided by retrofitting certain chemical production steps with continuously operated plant modules. By combining traditionally batch process steps with continuous plant solutions, the production time and space can be significantly reduced.

In addition to improving the process efficiency, this type of process intensification approach significantly reduces investment costs compared to expanding production by building new facilities.

Application Examples

Skid plants are available for a broad process range.