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Batch to Conti

Increase Your Capacity with Continuous Manufacturing!




   Problems with Batch Production                                 Solutions with Continuous Production



Pre-Product Preparation
More tanks needed → high space demand Install additional mobile mixing stations →
space savings >90%
Not mobile Mobile design mounted on a movable skid



Fixed installation with high space demand Mobile installation with small space demand
Extensive process times due to large mass & heat transfer distances Short process times due to enhanced mass & heat transfer
Potential safety issues due to high reactor volume Increased safety due to reactor volume reduction
High manpower demand Reduced manpower due to easy automation



Batch release by sampling Product release by online/inline analytics
High storage demand due to buffering of the batch Low storage demand due to online/inline drumming
Quality fluctuations due to lower process capability Stable quality due to continuous manufacture






The 4 Steps of Debottlenecking





Step 1: Evaluation of the Current Status



  • Execution of an on-site workshop


  • Definition of debottlenecking opportunities


  • Suggestion for further procedures





Step 2: Design of a Debottlenecking Concept



  • Conceptual engineering


  • Process flow diagram


  • Automation concept





 Step 3: Engineering & Plant Construction



  • Basic engineering


  • Detailed engineering


  • Plant construction




 Step 4: Plant Delivery & Start-up



  • Installation on-site


  • Plant start-up


  • Site acceptance test 












Other Consulting Services


More than a decade of experience at Microinnova Engineering in Process Intensification and Flow Chemistry enables a fundamental process judgment based on our cause-effect and quality by design methodology.


Succeed with next generation of process intensification tools

Regardless of whether it is a completely new process or an established one, our experience in process intensification and flow chemistry allows us to support our customers on the highest level. Microinnova is going to show you a new way to systematically solve process-related manufacturing problems and bottlenecks, thus establishing an intensified and competitive process design.


“Looking deep into your existing batch processes”



It is important to mention, that there needs to be a division between what is desired and where/when and how it will be achieved. Following this approach is going to grant a better process overview and understanding besides any required further actions will be clearer. Applying our cause-effect methodology enables a quick detection of problems and the implementation of the right solution strategy. Furthermore, thinking in terms of process capability and quality by design is adding valuable information towards process robustness and critical product quality parameters.

Rarely a full switch of the complete technology is required to show the desired effect of process intensification. More often than not small modifications and/or minor changes of individual process steps are enough to obtain significant success.

Microinnova offers to visit you at your site to advise where advice is needed. Ensuring close cooperation of Microinnova with you, will deliver the best solution for each specific challenge and requirement towards economic and technical aspects.


What we do for you
  • Detect potential for quick results
  • Identify root causes for process limits
  • Develop a long term process intensification strategy
  • Compare and evaluate different technological solutions
  • Find strategies for reduction of quality fluctuations or fail batches
  • Check for continuous chemical processing (flow chemistry) potential
  • Design future processing strategies


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