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Continuous Formulation of Liquids & Pastes

The innovative Multi-Technology approach of Microinnova enables the development and manufacturing of complex formulations of liquids and pastes to provide products of outstanding quality. The Continuous Manufacturing approach enables the knowledge-based development of complex products. The philosophy of identifying critical process parameters, and the selection of the best technology for each unit operation, generates superior levels of quality and improved options for new products, which are currently inaccessible by conventional technologies. 

These formulations can be emulsions, suspensions, gels, beads or a combination thereof. Even capsules generated by interfacial polymerization are possible. We have experience handling highly viscous substances of up to 100.000 cp and have the ability to process them with substances of a significantly lower viscosity. High solid contents (>50% w/w) and low energy consumption can be achieved as well as sterilization. Typical pilot plants have capacities of 10 – 20 kg/h and manufacturing plants can reach 1000 kg/h or more.

Continuous Formulation


Applications of Continuous Formulation Technology

Typical applications include cosmetics, healthcare and drug formulation. Projects have been carried out for skin cream, moisturizing emulsions, toothpaste or foaming gel, emphasizing Microinnova’s expertise. Beads for drug formulation systems and capsules for APIs with applications in crop protection further demonstrate the broad field of applications.  


Special Features of Continuous Formulation

  • Selection of the best technological option for each process step

  • Obtain consistent product quality and achieve new properties

  • Compact production plants with flexible design and inline control

  • Advanced process understanding and impact of process performance

  • Develop on scalable equipment

Microinnova’s Multi-Technology Approach

Manufacturing of complex formulations within minutes instead of hours is not a vision. It is a reality. There are two main complications with batch formulations. One is uniformity and the other is complexity. Both issues can be addressed by the Multi-Technology approach. Solids are typically added through one big hole into a batch vessel.

Firstly, molecules need to travel maybe a meter or more until they reach their final destination inside the formulation. 
Secondly, the final destination is not a controlled environment since the molecules arrive and organize randomly. 

Therefore, Microinnova’s Multi-Technology approach divides the formulation into subsystems, which are manufactured separately and mixed together in a more controlled and specified system. The best technology for each subsystem will be selected according to the needs of the process. This strategy enables more complex formulations to be produced with higher quality standards and reduced processing times.


Formulation Plant


Mass and Heat Transfer

The result is a factor of 10- to a 100-fold improvement in mass and heat transfer. Molecules do not need to travel a meter or more in order to reach their final destination. They might only need to travel a centimeter or even less to reach their final destination. Specific heating profiles can be provided by means of continuous processing to address specific process needs. 


Technology Selection

The technology can be selected according to the specific needs required when generating a certain substructure. These technologies are then selected according to the needs of each process. Available technologies include continuous nozzles, injectors, membranes, rotor-stator-systems, static mixers, ultrasound-systems, extruders and many other technologies. 


Technology Selection Formulation