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Increase Your Capacity with Continuous Manufacturing!




   Problems with Batch Production                                 Solutions with Continuous Production



Pre-Product Preparation
More tanks needed → high space demand Install additional mobile mixing stations →
space savings >90%
Not mobile Mobile design mounted on a movable skid



Fixed installation with high space demand Mobile installation with small space demand
Extensive process times due to large mass & heat transfer distances Short process times due to enhanced mass & heat transfer
Potential safety issues due to high reactor volume Increased safety due to reactor volume reduction
High manpower demand Reduced manpower due to easy automation



Batch release by sampling Product release by online/inline analytics
High storage demand due to buffering of the batch Low storage demand due to online/inline drumming
Quality fluctuations due to lower process capability Stable quality due to continuous manufacture






The 4 Steps of Debottlenecking





Step 1: Evaluation of the Current Status



  • Execution of an on-site workshop


  • Definition of debottlenecking opportunities


  • Suggestion for further procedures





Step 2: Design of a Debottlenecking Concept



  • Conceptual engineering


  • Process flow diagram


  • Automation concept





 Step 3: Engineering & Plant Construction



  • Basic engineering


  • Detailed engineering


  • Plant construction




 Step 4: Plant Delivery & Start-up



  • Installation on-site


  • Plant start-up


  • Site acceptance test 













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