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Oct. 27, 2020: Continuous Manufacturing as a Toolbox for Profitable Producing of Commodity APIs & their Intermediates in Europe and North America »

Oct. 23, 2020: Great collaboration with Oliver Kappe and the CCFlow & the RCPE Team »

Oct. 16, 2020: Continuous Manufacturing for 2nd Generation API Synthesis Process with Half of the Unit Operations » 

Oct. 9, 2020: In situ Bromine Generation for Photochemical Applications in Continuous Manufacturing »

Oct. 2, 2020: Continuous Fluorination reagent Generators – Cost-competitive and safe transfer to manufacturing medium level manufacturing infrastructures »

Sept. 24, 2020: What makes Microinnova Unique? These 8 Differentiators »

July 8, 2020: Microinnova partners with Malcom Berry (Ex-GSK) for Control Strategies and Regulatory Issues »

July 2, 2020: Increasing Efficiency with MACBETH EU Project »

July 1, 2020: Continuous Manufacturing of Formulations in Minutes Instead of Hours »

May 11, 2020: Performance Boost for Enzymatic Oxidations by means of Process Intensification and Continuous Flow Processing » 

May 7, 2020: Modular plants enable API production in Europe - find out how! »

May 6, 2020: Microinnova is the 3 Star Sponsor of the Flow Chemistry Conference by Scientific Update »

Apr. 22, 2020: Read our publication about environmental & economic impact of solvent-free continuous API manufacturing of Rufinamide! »

Mar. 19, 2020: Microinnova is operating in a new way due to the current COVID-19 situation. Find out how! »

Mar. 10, 2020: Find out about our exciting collaboration with RCPE and CCFLOW! »

Feb. 27, 2020: Environmental & economic impact of solvent-free continuous API manufacturing of Rufinamide »

Feb. 2, 2020: Sheet 1 of the 2776 VDI Guideline regarding the topic "Process engineering plants - Modular plants - Planning modular plants" has been released » 





28 - 30 October 2020

Berlin, Germany


Chemspec Digital

11 - 12 November 2020



Making Cosmetics

25 - 26 November 2020



CPhI Worldwide


Milano, Italy


in-cosmetics global 

13 - 15 April 2021

Barcelona, Spain


Annual Meeting on Reaction Engineering

10 - 12 May 2021

Würzburg, Germany


CHEMUK 2021 

12 - 13 May 2021

Birmingham, UK


Chemspec Europe

1 - 20 May 2021

Cologne, Germany


Achema 2021

14 - 18 June 2021

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Symposium on CFRT

28 - 29 September 2021

Graz, Austria 


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Walter Linhart
Head of Sales
„We focus our customer's process and provide high level solutions independent of any technology or supplier. Starting from process evaluations arriving at turnkey plants”
Dr. Dirk Kirschneck
Strategic Director
“We identify all critical process parameters and select the best possible technology for each process to finally turn process performance into money for our customers.”

Microinnova Engineering



Microinnova makes your processing more efficient.

We are a young high-tech company with 25 employees located in Allerheiligen bei Wildon, Austria. Based on a deep process understanding, we use continuous processing to design and realize better processes for our customers, attaining significant advantages in terms of process efficiency. As a specialist in innovative process technology we offer customers continuous manufacturing with an end-to-end solution, ranging from syntheses, over work up to liquid formulations. The product portfolio ranges from process development to skid based turnkey plant systems in tons-per-hour scale.



Video: Microinnova - ECONOVIUS

Video: Microinnova - Category Brainwave (german, Primus Award)

Video: Microinnova - Flow Chemistry (english, FFA)




Vacant job positions:

Please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to your application.



Microinnova Engineering GmbH
Europapark 1
8412 Allerheiligen bei Wildon - AUSTRIA

T +43 3182 626 26-0


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