Successful Delivery of Continuous Manufacturing Plant to Flamma Group

Flamma Group from Italy has commissioned a continuously operating, partly modular, pharma intermediate synthesis plant. The plant is cGMP as well as ATEX compliant.

It comprises 3 liquid dosing lines made of stainless steel. Each dosing line is specifically designed for a flow rate between 80 and 1500 ml/min. The dosing lines are joined in the Corning® G4 reactor, where the primary reaction and subsequent reaction quenching take place. The two thermostats enable the use of different temperature levels in different stages of the process.

The “partly modular” design allows enhanced flexibility in the reactor module since different reactor modules can be utilized to produce products requiring different reaction conditions.

Microinnova’s engineers are readily available to design a turnkey plant or just a retrofit on an existing production system for safety or capacity reasons.

The successful collaboration with our valuable client, Flamma Group, has culminated in the development of a well-engineered manufacturing plant. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with Flamma Group and deliver a high-quality solution to meet their needs.

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